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A collection of my Javascript projects.


Last updated: 2010.12.23

A functional javascript library to allow more functional style programming in JS.
It supports basic functional constructs like currying, piping. It comes with some
standard List-operators which are fully curried so that they can be fully exploited
by the pipe-operator.

The library also allows some other neat things to spice up your Javascript, including
dynamic parameter-resolution (based on type) which can be combined with currying
for very flexible function-composition.

The same mechanisms can also be used to enforce type-safety on your javascript
functions and classes.

The library is currently in alpha-state and the API is not to be considered stable.
The linked page contains a html-page with JS-code only and wich runs tests against
the library. You may use that code for sample-purposes to see how it works.

µRazor - the simple Javascript templating engine

Last updated: 2010.12.20

µRazor is a Javascript templating engine modelled after Microsoft's Razor view-engine
for ASP.Net MVC.

It mostly allows the same syntax and has the same built in intelligence to automatically
detect the difference between code, logic and content without the need for adding lots
of templating related markup-tags into your templates.

Currently has a working demo and I am using it for some other sites, but due to the
complexity of the project it is still in alpha state and all unit-tests do not pass.

jQuery tooltip plugin

Last updated: 2010.12.09

A very simple jQuery tooltip plugin which requires no extra CSS, no extra scripts and
no extra graphcis, but allows you to create more complex tooltips that plain HTML allows.

Supports static tooltips and tooltips following the user's mouse.

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