- Retired projects - Sayumin codebase - Retired projects - Sayumin codebase

Old projects I for one reason or another abondoned.

Do whatever you feel with those projects, but if you fork them and park them
on sourceforge, github, or whatever, some credit would be appreciated.

No official license-file attached, but consider the code GPL.

The complete sayumin-codebase

That's right, the entire sayumin codebase is up for grabs for whoever finds it interesting.

In this "minor" zip file you will find the codebase for the following things (revealing
what an intersting mess this is):
- The sayumin webfront-end (ASP.NET)
- The second sayumin webfront-end (Linux, plain storage mostly)
- The sayumin server-backend which does all the fancy things. (.NET, Console apps,
  services, WinForm config-tools, and tests)
- SQL scripts for the database-schema, scripted to be compatible with at least MS SQL Server 2005.
  Reasonably small so should be portable to other DBs by hand if needed.

What's not included:
- The current sayumin backlog of episodes
- The current sayumin production-DB with sources configured.
  You get an empty to schema to look at, if you think you can use this, contact me for a DB-dump.

What's up for grabs here is not just the codebase. I've honestly lost all interest in
keeping the site running, which can be seen reasonably easy by the current state of affairs.

This means the following:
- if you want to run this site and have the servers and bandwidth needed, it might just be
- you will need technical competence. For historical reasons, the current site has some
  complications which would be benefitial to unwire should you choose to take it. A simple
  is example:
  - new episodes are transferred by a .NET-agent invoking a SSH-connection to a shell to run
    commands to fetch data to the linux storage-host. Not very elegant, and if moved to a
    single-OS solution some of this code could be severely simplified by using local
- all code is .NET (except one 10-line php-file to attach proper HTTP-headers on storage-host)
  except for the bit I see no reason why the remaining code shouldn't run fine on
  mono if that is your thing.
  A small exception is the WinForms config-application, but that part isn't really
  as much required to run as much as it is useful.
- the web front-end can probably be redone in rails in 10 minutes and end up
- pretty much all DB-logic is LInQ to SQL with Microsoft SQL Server in the background.
  don't let that scare you though, the db and the db-logic isn't that massive.
- once up, it's really a very low maintenance site. really.

So if that doesn't scare you, here is the deal:
- download the code. examine it. it's not pretty, but it shouldn't cause any permanent
- try it out and see if you can get it working.
- if you think you can get it working, but need some sample-data to plow trough,
  I can lend you a backup/dump of the production db. I'd like a private demonstration
  first though, so please make an attempt before requesting.
- if you can get it working it's yours. really. I'll even hand over DNS.

That's it. Happy hacking!

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